About the Sculpture

Rebecca Buck, Osprey Studios

Antarctic Guardian II, 62cm H x 29cm W x 37cm D.

”We look at the world through eyes of ancient mud.”

‘Straw Dogs’, John Gray.

Whatever else weighs upon us, the pull of the Natural World is the strongest force that shapes our lives.

Working within the traditions of the early 20th Century Modernist sculpture greats like Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore, it is important to balance inspiration with strict craftsmanship, technique and in-depth understanding of the medium. Faith and verity towards the material being central to the process.
With this in mind, all of the artwork is focused on emotional description and unbroken connection with the natural world, the aspirational and the compassionate.

Sculpture is a means of narrative melding context with form. Distinctly figurative works contain both endogenous and exterior depictions, while those that lean towards pure abstraction are more philosophical. Music, dance and intangible expression through tangible form make up the core of the work.

Construction is a hands-on, visceral process. The clay and the techniques are chosen to generate active, expressive intensity that can be reflected through the permanent, finished artwork, locking the moment-to-moment inspiration and emotional engagement into the clay itself.  Daniel Joseph Buck                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  For an overview of the work click here.

The Sculptures are made from a range of top-quality clays that have a deep, rich colour and out-standing durability. The pieces will last through all weathers for centuries. They can be securely installed.

Prices start at £100 with the majority of sculptures costing between £600 and £2000. There is always a variety of sculpture displayed in the Studio Garden and you are warmly welcome to make an appointment to visit. Like all Studios there are bargains to be had and some hand-built smoke-fired pottery too. There is everything you need to know about buying my sculpture in the Shop.

New sculptures and commissions take a minimum of 10 weeks to complete.

Most sculptures can be transported in a car or I can arrange safe delivery for you at cost.

Up is Down V, detail

Up is Down V, detail

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