Bracelet Bay, Swansea by Stephen Foote.

Working through The Landscape Series with photographer and cameraman Stephen Foote and onto the Throwdown at the Hoedown Series, the research has clarified the complex interwoven nature of the Lithosphere, the Atmosphere, the Aquasphere and the Biosphere. It is incredible!

In single sculptures it’s not easy to show those relationships. Jewellery, especially a necklace, can be a descriptive sentence, a string of ideas, where colour and textures give you the opportunity to consider a place or a theme. And then you get to have them with you all day.

The necklaces are made with my micro-sculptures in various clays, found stones with their own holes from my walks, polished stone beads and glass beads.

Monknash Beach, South Wales. A stunning, fascinating place where the Dinosaur footprints that are in the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff were found.
Ice and Life, £80, porcelain and glass necklace.
The edge of a giant Ammonite, set in a boulder on Monknash Beach. Limestone, one of the worlds commonest stones was formed from the creatures of the Biosphere who built their shells and skeletons by reacting with the minerals and chemicals in the atmosphere and the aquasphere. Plants and animals have changed the world many times over the eons.
If you look at still photos of moving water you see many of the shapes that water leaves on ice or stone. This necklace, Aquasphere 1, £95, porcelain, glass, stone, looks at the travels of water and the many forms it takes.
Stone and Life, £80, stone and glass necklace.
Many of the pendants are natural stones that I have found, with their own holes. And a lot of the beads are stone too. The Lithosphere feeds the biosphere. Then many of those minerals return to stone.
The Cycle Continues, £85, stone and glass necklace.
The other side of The Cycle Continues stone is very different!
The Cycle Continues, 3rd view.
Water passes through the land and the atmosphere changing it’s acidity and salinity, dissolving, eroding and moving the ingredients of everything around the world.
From The Sky to the Earth, £95, stone and glass necklace.
The Sky To The Earth, £95, second view. 3 found stones with natural holes and polished, natural stone beads and glass seed beads.
The Sky To The Earth, detail.
Karst and Sky, £125, Sold.