Cavin-Morris Gallery, New York, USA. I am honoured to be represented in New York by this exceptional Gallery.

“The common thread that connects all this art is its uniqueness, its integrity and authenticity, and its reflection of cultural home-ground. The Contemporary artists we represent extend the continuum established by the self-taught and Tribal artists into a new and exciting multi-tiered arena.”

This article explains the ethos of Cavin-Morris; ‘A Chelsea Double Feature: Paper Meets Clay On “Homeground’s” Turf.’ by Edward M Gomez.

Workshop Wales Gallery This is a beautiful, well established Gallery, in a stunning location in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK, that is very popular with Collectors because there is always a wonderful selection of painting and sculpture and the very fair commission to artists keeps the prices attractively competitive. I had sculpture here for years.

Cupola Contemporary Art Gallery, Sheffield, UK. Set within 20 minutes of the wonderful Yorkshire Sculpture Triangle region and the gorgeous Peak District National Park this is excellent place to visit. You will always find something unusual and Karen Sherwood couldn’t be more interesting to speak with or more helpful.

Godfrey Worsdale, Director of the Henry Moore Foundation, said:

“Since the early twentieth century, Yorkshire has been associated with the development of sculpture. Over recent years, Leeds Art Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, the Henry Moore Institute and The Hepworth Wakefield have brought collective energy and expertise to the subject through exhibitions, commissions, collections, archiving, and academic research.

“The Yorkshire Sculpture Triangle is now regarded as an unrivalled British centre for sculpture and this new international sculpture project will enable our collaboration to take a major step forward and make an increasingly significant contribution to the UK. It was always our ambition for YSI to develop beyond 2019 so we are delighted that Leeds has the confidence to continue its commitment to deliver its cultural celebration into 2023 with YSI at its heart”.

The Artling  I am proud to have been invited to join this elegant online Gallery. They have a fabulous collection and provide outstanding customer service and artist support.

Facebook: Osprey Studios Page Rebecca Buck ;  Sculptors and Ceramists use Facebook widely to share techniques and get feed-back on work in progress. My excellent FB friends around the world have taught me a tremendous amount and enriched my work massively. In the ‘Albums’ section I have put a lot of ‘How to..’ information and I welcome comments and questions from anyone with any level of interest in Sculpture. I hope my page will lead you to the  sculptors I admire across the globe.

Flickr   I am always delighted for anyone to use my pictures and very appreciative if you credit me clearly.

Arts Engine    This Web-site is for finding some out-standing art-work in every medium from music to sculpture. Everyone on there is based in my region, Powys, Mid-Wales, U.K. People often use it to plan an Art-tour around this beautiful area searching for those perfect art-works to complete a project.

Saatchi Online    Fresh and clear, this site has a very diverse range of sculpture.

Good Day Out   A wonderful new Company adding  true value to gifts and holidays.

South Wales Potters   I have been proud to be  a member for 20 years.

Stephen Foote Photography  Hugely experienced and creative, Stephen Foote did the finest of the pictures on this site. He is a joy to work with and has lead me to see my sculpture from a fresh perspective that will take me to better forms and surfaces. We collaborated on The Landscape Series.

Daniel Joseph Buck A gifted and dedicated writer, Daniel Joseph Buck has provided my Media Support for years. He will take your words and make them mean what you meant.

Scarva Pottery Supplies.  These guys produce the beautiful clays that I use.


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