Thank you for coming to Osprey Studios Shop.

                                                                              You can see the current sculpture catalogue here  

I show with a selection of beautiful Galleries, the sort of places that are welcoming treasure troves where you will receive an excellent service. And they are in fantastic location, making your visits into wonderful occasions. Their details are here.

But I am happy for clients to buy directly from the Studio and increasingly Collectors are doing that.

Rebecca Buck Osprey Studios

Antarctic Glacier Guardian, 33cm H x 83cm W x 36cm D. £800

As I work in Series and past work informs the future work I keep sculptures here, sometimes for years, until I am ready to release them. When you visit the Studio you can see the context of your chosen piece and see others in progress, which many people find fascinating.

You will be welcomed with free refreshments and be able to spend as long as you like in peace with the sculpture displayed in the garden and showroom. I am happy to show you around and talk any of it through if you would like me to. There is price catalog.

Covid 19: The Sculpture Garden, display room and the studio are all safely accessible from their own entrance. There is also an outside loo. We are extremely careful about distancing and hygiene and take extra care to prepare thoughtfully when visitors are expected.

Rebecca Buck, Osprey Studios

Osprey Studios Sculpture Garden. The collection is constantly changing. This is a quiet place where you can relax and enjoy.

The most important thing is that, in choosing sculpture, you are expressing your own creativity. Why or how I have made a sculpture is secondary to what you see in it. My primary job is to inspire. With our different back-grounds and experiences we feel art very variously and I love this. It is wonderful to see a person responding very personally to my sculpture.

Rebecca Buck Osprey Studios

Coastal Harbinger I, £1450, in the Sculpture Garden here at Osprey Studios.

Here in the Shop I write about how I feel about each piece for those who may be interested including the students across the world who use this site for their own work. My hope is that the rest of the site has given you the opportunity to see things in your own way.

High fired ceramic is the most durable material available for sculpture and it requires very little care other than cleaning. I love the thought that this is the archaeology of the future. General care relevant to each piece is described in the Shop Catalogue and we will discuss specific issues about siting your sculpture before you buy it so that you know what costs might be there.

Once you have chosen from the sculptures in the Shop or else-where on this site please feel welcome to e-mail me for more information that you might need, to reserve sculptures and to make an appointment if you would like to visitRebecca Buck Osprey Studios.

Osprey Studios is open by appointment only and you will be the only visitors here at the time of your visit. You will find many sculptures not shown in the current catalogue including a variety of pieces on my Sale shelves. You are in no obligation to purchase the sculpture.

Directions to Osprey Studios (and other information and links about visiting this lovely area.)

Rebecca Buck Osprey Studios

Osprey Studios, 57 Ynyswen, Penycae, Upper Swansea Valley. 01639 731271/ 07913743457.

Delivery, costs, payments and returns:

If collecting your sculpture is not practical we will arrange delivery to you. Where feasible I will deliver your sculpture myself. I love to see where they are going. Alternately I can arrange careful, appropriate packing and shipping of your sculpture directly to your home. And I am happy to advise you on safe, secure installation.

There is no VAT on the sculptures and delivery/packaging is not included in the catalogue price. Sculptures must be paid for in full with cash or BACS before they leave Osprey Studios. I am able to arrange a payment plan using standing orders if that is helpful for you.

There is a 14 day returns policy with a full refund of the sculpture’s price paid immediately by BACS as soon as I receive the sculpture in good condition. All shipping and packaging will be at your expense and you will have those prices available before you make your purchase.

Pirate, Coleford Brick clay. Photo by Stephen Foote.