IMG_20200523_090519332For more information or to make an appointment to see and purchase my sculpture please feel most welcome to contact  us.

Rebecca Buck

Osprey Studio

57, Ynyswen, Penycae, Upper Tawe  Valley, Wales, UK, SA9 1YT

e-mail:  ( This is glitching!! If you don’t receive a reasonably prompt reply please text UK 07913743457. Thank you.)

Mobile: 07913743457

Facebook: Rebecca Buck

Instagram: @ospreystudios 

5 thoughts on “Contact

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    • Hi Denise, I am so pleased that you have found the ‘How to..’ post useful for your work. I’ll e-mail you now and hopefully we can arrange a way to get the progress in your sculpture that you are looking for. warmest wishes, Rebecca


  2. Fascinating and incredible. I would like yo follow your regular publications but can’t seem to find a place to join up.


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