Studio Diary 25 March 2014

Up Is Down is a fascinating theme that is leading down all kinds of roads. Only time will tell how many of them are very bad….a percentage of my work is regularly too awful to fire – that’s the price of experimenting and taking risks.

I’m working for a very creative Company in the USA involving fire. And I have started a collaboration with  Photographer Stephen Foote (see Links for his Web-site) Both of these projects are benefitting from the early work of Up Is Down and now they are leading it with the movement and pull of forces and the changes that leaves on a form.


Music is still key. A central space for Fire  and the intension to have no

or little base is a starting

template for the clay-armatures.










Steve and I visited Bracelet Bay in the Mumbles, Swansea,one of the first of many spectacular  beaches around the Gower Peninsula. It was a strange, foggy day, very atmospheric, with the Fog-horn sounding in the mist. The feeling of the draw and strength of tidal waters pulling through the forms of stone is accentuated by faces covered in barnacles and pebbles left behind.

 Steves pictures will be the reference point for the next batch of Up Is Down pieces.


The resulting Sculptures will then potentially inform his next set of Pictures. And so on until it runs out of steam.